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El Inca Llora (a song about Peru)
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El Inca Llora


I wrote this song in 1990 at a time when Peru was in submission to terrorist activities. The government was corrupt, the Shining Path terrorist group ran the internal workings of the country, the people in rural areas lived in much fear, and it seemed the hope of a return to order was far from reality.

Here in the US, little news made its way to our television sets and newspapers, but word from home (those of us who call Peru home) gave insight to the chaos that reigned in the country. We dared not return for casual visit.


  • Original Words
  • Original Words with English Translation
  • I was born and raised on the mission field. My parents have been members of Wycliffe Bible Translators for over 50 years. Up until May 14, 2004, I had three sisters. All of us were raised in Peru and neighboring countries, and reveled in the languages and cultures of Peru. On said date, my oldest sister, Donna, succumbed to cancer and passed away.

    Donna's husband requested that I sing this song at her memorial, knowing that although she had spent her entire adult life as a dedicated wife, mother and grandmother in the US, her connection to the land and music of Peru was at the core of her person.

    Donna's daughter, my niece, Heidi added a beautiful mix when accompanying me on her flute as we sang the song for the attending congregation. I wrote a final verse, which has little to do with the original intent of the song, but was written for rememberance of mi hermana, my sister. These versions are here:

  • Words with appended verse for Donna
  • Words with appended verse for Donna including English translation