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Donald D. Burns

741 San Diego Ave. • Sunnyvale, CA 94085 • (669) 264-1569 •

An accomplished Sr. Software Engineer specializing in real-time, 3D visualization in OpenGL, as applied to Geographical Information Systems, Scientific Visualization, and Simulation and Training, with extensive experience in development of mid-level APIs and team leadership, whose experience portfolio includes development of the precursor to Google Earth and key development role in OpenSceneGraph.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Master's Degree in Software Engineering
  • Over 32 years experience in hands-on software development in real-time 3D visualization
  • Strong leadership, written and verbal communication, and presentation skills
  • Eight successful 3D map projects, including mission critical augmented reality maps integrated with live video
  • Proven track record for time estimation and fullfillment of milestones
  • Extensive experience in integration of custom hardware and software for successful deployment of a line of flight simulation products
  • Fluently Bilingual/Bicultural: Spanish/English, American/Latin-American

Technical Expertise
Languages C/C++ (33 years)
Operating Systems UNIX/Linux (33 years), Windows, Mac OSX
Development git, make (expert), Visual Studio, Xcode, CMake, CVS, SVN
API's OpenGL (expert), OpenSceneGraph (author), sockets, streams, real-time (Posix 1003.b), embedded systems
Disciplines Simuation and Training, Geographical Information Systems, Scientific Visualization, Virtual Reality, IoT, Hand-held gaming devices
Web Development PHP, JavaScript, MySQL

Professional Experience
March, 2020 to present Aevex Aerospace Senior Software Architect

Aevex Aerospace is a company focused on airborne intelligence solutions.

  • Designed, developed and implemented Sierra: a full 3D mapping visualization globe. Including
    • Development of 3D engine based on Vulkan and Vulkan Scene Graph
    • Map engine for raster and vector layers
    • Video playback and projection on terrain
March, 2014 to March 2020 AeroComputers, Inc. Chief Technical Officer

AeroComputers produces an augmented reality overlay on live video feed, primarily used for enhanced situational awareness on airborne systems in Law Enforcement, Fire Fighting, Search and Rescue and other public services.

  • Directed design and development of company's flagship products
  • Hired and mentored a team of developers to produce the industry leading airborne map and augmented reality system
  • Hands-on development of 3D engine, map engine, optical flow stabilization
  • Project management using Agile tools
April, 2011 to March 2014 NVidia Corp. Senior Embedded Software Engineer
  • Developed mapping API for embedded products
  • NVidia Jetson platform development
  • Small team development leadership
November, 2009 to 2011 Andes Computer Engineering, LLC. Proprietor, Consultant
  • Developed Software under contract in the areas of
    • Hand-held MMO Gaming Device (under extended contract)
    • OpenGL ES (small devices)
    • Train simulation
    • GIS Applications
    • Location-Based Entertainment Systems
  • Continued development of Chaskii, an open source, 3D development kit targetted at OpenGL 3.x and 4.x
2007 to November, 2009 Digital Production & Design, LLC, Chief Technical Officer
  • Responsible for inception, production and delivery of MV360 - A specialized GIS Visualization product
  • Responsible for establishing Santa Clara office
  • Maintained hands-on involvement in development process including
    • Hiring, training, and managment of development team
    • Key development of base technology (daily coding), including development of visual components and integration with GIS packages
    • Project management and delivery of milestones
  • Responsible for project management reports and communications with investors and sister organizations in Mexico and Spain
  • Key Trainer for satelite development teams in Mexico and Spain
  • Key Technical Presenter to investors and potential clients in Latin America and Europe
2001 to 2007 Andes Computer Engineering, LLC. Proprietor, Consultant
  • Developed Software under contract for:
    • NASA: developed prototype (Blue Marble Viewer) for NASA World Wind.
    • USAF: developed custom terrain deformation software for target simulation
    • FAA: developed software ephemeris model for a virtual control tower
    • Houston Museum of Natural Science: developed a Globe Viewer for displaying oil well information
    • Japanese Eartquake Research: Developed a visualization tool of Earthquake Test Data
  • Designed, developed and deployed flight simulators for education and entertainment, including:
    • Development of visual simulation software
    • Development and integration of custom hardware for high-traffic use
    • Deployment and delivery at several flight museums around the U.S.
  • Key developer for OpenSceneGraph, a well-known open source visualization package
  • Conducted week-long OpenSceneGraph training courses
2000 to 2001 Keyhole Corp. Client Software Engineering Lead
  • Responsible for development of client (desktop) software named "Earthviewer", which later became known as Google Earth
  • Responsible for management of client software team
  • Maintained Hands-on software development in C++, OpenGL
1996 to 2000 Silicon Graphics, Inc.
Technical Lead, Applied Engineering, Advanced Graphics Division.
  • Developed a prototype for SGI's Graphics Cluster product.
  • Developed system level software and demonstration software for trade shows.
  • Developed and supported five large trade shows per year.
  • Trained and supported Field Systems Engineers in real-time visualization systems and software.
Consultant, Professional Services
  • Conducted on-site consultation and support for development of visual training systems in a large government contract in Orlando, Fla.
Consultant, Location Based Entertainment
  • Consulted and developed OpenGL Performer software on site at various locations around the US, primarily in Glendale, CA., for Disney Quest, a Location Based Entertainment Virtual Reality project.
Systems Engineer
  • Supported Field Sales organization with customer presentations,  system configurations, customer visits.
1992 to 1996 Concurrent Computer Corp. Systems Engineer
  • Development and support of real-time UNIX systems
  • Supported Field Sales organization with customer presentations,  system configurations, customer visits.
  • Developed graphics demonstration software for product presentation at trade shows and customer briefings.
1989 to 1992 Sterling Software, Inc. Programmer
  • Developed real-time data acquisition and graphical user interface for two wind tunnel test projects at Nasa Ames Research Center.
(1989 to 1990 were spent at Nasa/Ames Research Center as an intern.)
Prior to 1989 Jobs prior to 1989 were held in sales, various services, and hang-gliding instruction

References available upon request