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Donald D. Burns

741 San Diego Ave. • Sunnyvale, CA 94085 • (408) 306-7478 •

An accomplished Sr. Software Engineer specializing in real-time, 3D visualization in OpenGL, as applied to Simulation and Training, Geographical Information Systems and Scientific Visualization, with extensive experience in development of mid-level APIs and team leadership, whose experience portfolio includes development of the precursor to Google Earth and key development role in OpenSceneGraph.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Over 24 years' experience in hands-on software development in real-time 3D visualization
  • Have worked on seven successful 3D globe projects
  • Master's Degree in Software Engineering
  • Strong leadership, written and verbal communication, and presentation skills
  • Proven track record for time estimation and fullfillment of milestones
  • Extensive experience in integration of custom hardware and software for successful deployment of a line of flight simulation products
  • Fluently Bilingual/Bicultural: Spanish/English, American/Latin-American
Technical Expertise
Languages C/C++ (24 years)
Operating Systems UNIX/Linux (24 years), Windows, Mac OSX
Development make (expert), Visual Studio, Xcode, CMake, CVS, SVN
API's OpenGL, Performer, OpenSceneGraph (author), Chaskii (author), sockets, streams, real-time (Posix 1003.b), embedded systems
Disciplines Hand-held gaming devices, Simuation and Training, Scientific Visualization, Geographical Information Systems, Virtual Reality
Web Development PHP, JavaScript, MySQL
Professional Experience
April, 2011 to present NVidia Corp. Senior Embedded Software Engineer
  • Developed mapping API for embedded products
2001 to 2011 Andes Computer Engineering, LLC. Proprietor, Consultant
  • Developed Software under contract in the areas of
    • Hand-held MMO Gaming Device (under extended contract)
    • OpenGL ES (small devices)
    • Train simulation
    • GIS Applications
    • Location-Based Entertainment Systems
  • Continued development of Chaskii, an open source, 3D development kit targetted at OpenGL 3.x and 4.x
2007 to November, 2009 Digital Production & Design, LLC, Chief Technical Officer
  • Responsible for inception, production and delivery of MV360 - A specialized GIS Visualization product
  • Responsible for establishing Santa Clara office
  • Maintained hands-on involvement in development process including
    • Hiring, training, and managment of development team
    • Key development of base technology (daily coding), including development of visual components and integration with GIS packages
    • Project management and delivery of milestones
  • Responsible for project management reports and communications with investors and sister organizations in Mexico and Spain
  • Key Trainer for satelite development teams in Mexico and Spain
  • Key Technical Presenter to investors and potential clients in Latin America and Europe
2001 to 2007 Andes Computer Engineering, LLC. Proprietor, Consultant
  • Developed Software under contract for:
    • NASA: developed prototype (Blue Marble Viewer) for NASA World Wind.
    • USAF: developed custom terrain deformation software for target simulation
    • FAA: developed software ephemeris model for a virtual control tower
    • Houston Museum of Natural Science: developed a Globe Viewer for displaying oil well information
    • Japanese Eartquake Research: Developed a visualization tool of Earthquake Test Data
  • Designed, developed and deployed flight simulators for education and entertainment, including:
    • Development of visual simulation software
    • Development and integration of custom hardware for high-traffic use
    • Deployment and delivery at several flight museums around the U.S.
  • Key developer for OpenSceneGraph, a well-known open source visualization package
  • Conducted week-long OpenSceneGraph training courses
2000 to 2001 Keyhole Corp. Client Software Engineering Lead
  • Responsible for development of client (desktop) software named "Earthviewer", which later became known as Google Earth
  • Responsible for management of client software team
  • Maintained Hands-on software development in C++, OpenGL
1996 to 2000 Silicon Graphics, Inc. (multiple positions)
Technical Lead, Applied Engineering, Advanced Graphics Division.
  • Developed a prototype for SGI's Graphics Cluster product.
  • Developed system level software and demonstration software for trade shows.
  • Developed and supported five large trade shows per year.
  • Trained and supported Field Systems Engineers in real-time visualization systems and software.
Consultant, Professional Services
  • Conducted on-site consultation and support for development of visual training systems in a large government contract in Orlando, Fla.
LBE Consultant
  • Consulted and developed OpenGL Performer software on site at various locations around the US, primarily in Glendale, CA., for Disney Quest, a Location Based Entertainment Virtual Reality project.
Systems Engineer
  • Supported Field Sales organization with customer presentations,  system configurations, customer visits.
1992 to 1996 Concurrent Computer Corp. Systems Engineer
  • Supported Field Sales organization with customer presentations,  system configurations, customer visits.
  • Developed graphics demonstration software for product presentation at trade shows and customer briefings.
1989 to 1992 Sterling Software, Inc. Programmer
  • Developed real-time data acquisition and graphical user interface for two wind tunnel test projects at Nasa Ames Research Center.
(1989 to 1990 were spent at Nasa/Ames Research Center as an intern.)
Prior to 1989 Jobs prior to 1989 were held in sales, various services, and hang-gliding instruction

References available upon request