Our Wedding

It all began a few months ago when I casually mentioned to my 15 year old daughter that we "might" go to Hawaii this year on vacation.  I have since learned that there is no such thing as using words like "might" and "hawaiian vacation" in the same sentence when conversing with a 15 year old.  So the plan was put in place to put together a hawaiian vacation.  Our good friends George and Winnie (well, Nancy... but that's another story) offered us their timeshare in the big island and the wheels were set in motion.

In the meantime, a romantic evening after flying caught me off guard and I asked Denise to marry me on a moonlit night atop Mount Tamalpais.  Of course, Denise took me seriously and began immediately planning the occasion, offering up dates that made me swallow hard.  We both agreed that we did not want a big fancy wedding, but it had to be something special.  Two weeks before the Hawaiian vacation we decided that it would happen there, but we were to surprise my kids, Jake (18) and Melody (15), as well as the rest of you who are finding this out now for the first time.


The vacation went without a hitch and we managed to keep the secret until one hour before we had planned the event.  Lucky for us, the kids were in the habit of sleeping in every morning, which allowed us to sneak out and get the legal and preparation stuff done without them getting wind of what we were doing.  Melody took a wild guess when Denise bought the perfect wedding dress at Hilo Hattie's two hours before the wedding and forced the issue a bit early.  So, back at the resort, I called a family conference, (to which Jake asked, "who died?"), and requested that Jake and Melody be witnesses to our wedding.... this evening.... like, in about an hour.  We caught the kid's reactions on video tape for posterity.  So, Wednesday, September 1, 1999 at 6:15 PM (sunset) we set out to become husband and wife.

Even though it had been raining all day (much to our concern), it stopped just at the right time.  We had previously picked out a beach with a private cove and white, shell ridden sand.   We met the minister, the musician and the coordinator there and it went without a hitch.


The blushing bride and her new dress.
(Denise really looks at  home in the tropics, doesn't she?)

As the sun set and the ocean waves beat the lava shore with a thunderous roar we first participated in the traditional hawaiian exchange of leis.  Denise gave one to Jake, I gave one to Melody, then Jake gave Denise's her's and I got mine from Melody.

The minister then walked us through the traditional vows, and then we exchanged some of our own.  In this picture, we have already crossed a line in the sand representing an outward expression of an inward commitment already at work in our lives.  Just as the waves wind and rain will wash away the line, so will our lives absorb and demonstrate the promises made here.


The ceremony was unceremoneously (just our style) interrupted by the tide insisting on moving in on our selected spot.  The minister's shoes got soked, but we all had a good laugh and promptly selected a new spot to finish up.  With a kiss of the bride, and the gentle hawaiian song and guitar, our promises were sealed...

Time for pictures!

Denise got two kids "pre-grown".

Our reception was nothing less than a traditional Hawaiian Luau with lots of food and entertainment.  We were a bit late, and we got rained on, but hey... ya know?

Denise and I do a little improv for the wedding cake thing.

Like we said.... there was lots of food... (got poi?) ...
...enough to fill two teenage kids... 

Thanks to our families and friends for  your understanding of our quiet little get-away wedding. We haven't forgotten you as we fully intend to visit you and reiterate our vows with all of you. We managed to video tape the whole wedding so that we could share it with you.