click for larger imageOn the road to the Andes mountains.  We rented a Toyota 4x4 Diesel truck and built some PVC racks to carry the gliders.

click for larger imageRush hour in Peru.  This occurs early in the morning and about an hour before sunset as droves of animals travel to and from grazing pastures.  The beautifully paved roads are new here, but not their use.

click for larger imageAltitude at last!  This picture taken at about 13,000 feet.

click for larger imageLook at dem clouds.  This is what the sky looks like every day this time of the year.

click for larger imageArizona, Peru.  Named by one of the first bilingual education teachers who had traveled to the US and visited Arizona.  The dirt around this area is red.

click for larger imageJust a few more kilometers to go.  The trip took about 8 hours, probably about a third of what it took the last time I took this trip.

click for larger imageAyacucho!  We sat above the city with a pair of binoculars and I tried to recognize all that I could.  Little had changed about the center.