The following videos were taken from Donut's GoPro HD on Day Seven

Launch from Gunther

Gunther launch is 8000 above sea level. Density altitude, however, gets to over 11,000 feet with temperatures in the 90s, requiring faster take-off runs. Wind is a requirement, not an option.


Climb to 17,200 feet at White Mountain

Getting "low", down to 11,000 feet, this thermal climbs to 17,200 feet. Listen to the variometer scream at times when the lift exceeds 1500 feet per minute climb rate.


Landing at Mina aiport

Mina's airport is seldom used. The wind was so light that the windsock does not serve as a useful indicator, yet landing into the wind is critical at 4,000 feet altitude. A smoke bomb is dropped on approach and the wind direction can be observed by the smoke on the runway.